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We Are Unified Insane

This song is by Evocation and appears on the album Apocalyptic (2010).

We spill our guts and drain our souls
A broken world refined in sin
We hit and bash to break our bones
Brick by brick we crack them stones
As darkness lays its shade
Infected wounds fight
We all unite from pain
We are unified insane
Intoxicated last in line
Losers stand to gain no more
Manipulated guided blind
Inch by inch abused by all

Hang me in sacred gardens
Leave my corpse to show
Kill me in sacred gardens
Breath my empty whole
Spill me in sacred gardens
Leave my guts to float
End me in sacred gardens
Erase all trace from me

Written by:

Thomas Bengt Josefsson; Marko Erik Palmen; Vesa Veikko Juhani Kenttakumpu; Martin Pelle Toresson; Janne Marko Tapani Kenttaekumpu Boden

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