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Silence Sleep

This song is by Evocation and appears on the album Dead Calm Chaos (2008).

I'm trespassing the only rule warned not to do
Some say it's not my business who are they to know
Can never see things through your eyes or never feel your hell
I know that one plus one is two I saw the signs in you
You loose control blackened eyes emotion numb and unaware
On broken glass with dirty feet you walk the surface in silence sleep

Our scars so deep
In silence sleep

Stains of blood in moonlit snow traces through the cold
Ahead I see corroded blade aside the hand that hold
The start of day sang silent night surrounded by the close
Angel dark with serpent eyes leviathan arise

Termination murdernation domination sexifixation
Penetration violation obscurity revealed in you

Written by:

Thomas Josefsson and Vesa Kenttäkumpu

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