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Reunion in War

This song is by Evocation and appears on the album Apocalyptic (2010).

Cast aside with broken shield
I was abandoned by my god
Left as dirt among the lonely race
It painted dark my space
Open wound from a dagger hand
Left open for no cause

Rewinded thoughts I endlessly gazed
I found conviction in it's claws
Reunion in war
Traumatic point in a useless breath
I'm choking on its curse
Faded role into dark absence

I was divided into half
A serpent's sting and a spit within
Soon the poison starts its search
Open casket headless bones
And my fight revived much worse

It tortures my thoughts
It leaves me in vain
It tortures my nights
It drives me insane
Failure and frustration


Written by:

Thomas Bengt Josefsson; Marko Erik Palmen; Vesa Veikko Juhani Kenttakumpu; Martin Pelle Toresson; Janne Marko Tapani Kenttaekumpu Boden

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