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Psychosis Warfare

This song is by Evocation and appears on the album Apocalyptic (2010).

Psychosis warfare
In deepest tombs
Our helpless saviors
Divide our minds in half
Brightless human
Mind left blank
Empty landscape
Runs a sword in thee
Utopia gone inside our selves
For nothing we feed our darkest thoughts

Distant shallows swarms our inner truths
Obliteration frames our naked walls
And stains our memory more
Breathe your enemy
Loose your sane
Target midways
Follows with watching eyes
Heartless movement
Breathless room
Darkened worlds
Flamed inside our cells

Written by:

Thomas Bengt Josefsson; Marko Erik Palmen; Vesa Veikko Juhani Kenttakumpu; Martin Pelle Toresson; Janne Marko Tapani Kenttaekumpu Boden

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