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This song is by Evocation and appears on the album Dead Calm Chaos (2008).

We face the future prophecy
We say we never knew
And now we lost all empathy
Reduced to face the truth
Toxic fills your veins
Razors ease our pain
Our illusion in the end
Was our sacrifice for nothing

Our inner (cosmos) found it self left alone to burn
Our universe at end impossible to turn
Our bodies all wrapped up left rotten in this cage
Impossible to stop we can't control its rage

We ablaze eternities
Every day a fortune fight
Sent to life captivity
Explosion from no spark
Issues found reversed
Damaged uncontrolled
Problems built black stones
Riding on our back

Written by:

Janne K. Bodén, Thomas Josefsson and Vesa Kenttäkumpu

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