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Curse on the Creature

This song is by Evocation and appears on the album Apocalyptic (2010).

Confession grows
From stains inside of me
As darkness calls
It craves me to reveal
Force in the darkness, soak in the sin
Play with the demons revealed
Bestial eruption curse of the plague
Bounded protection dissolved
A force sadistic
We found upon its blame
Seductive call
Our addiction guides us all
Reflection throws

Its darker side to see
A broken patience
Resistance to believe
We broken bastards
Pale by our own
Our restless fever
Has burnt it all
Curse on the creature
That seeks and finds us hiding
Curse on that creature
That sees our inner deeds
And force us to retreat

Written by:

Thomas Bengt Josefsson; Marko Erik Palmen; Vesa Veikko Juhani Kenttakumpu; Martin Pelle Toresson; Janne Marko Tapani Kenttaekumpu Boden

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