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​Offending The Divine Laws

This song is by Evilwar and appears on the album Bleeding In The Shades Of Baphomet (2006).

Below of the men
Where the desire loses the natural law
The will of the flesh dominates
Offending the divine laws
The infernal heat, on torpid hills
Creatures possessed for the demon
Souls corrupted for the desire
The fire of the flesh's maelstrom
Burn and hallucinate

Ominous end
Drains the light

In the abysses where the evil lives
Where the creatures are above the god
Above of the death
The portals were opened between the worlds

Ladies of the death
Open the door for the hell
Where the world is born
Emperors of the profane rites
Drain for the black hole when the lights are sucked

The pureness is empty
Boiling the bitter blood of the illusion
Fisting With the selfish poison
Oppressed by the sin
The natural incest

Ominous end
Drains the light
Lord of deads
The shadowy desire of the evil

Lord of deads
The shadowy desire of the evil