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​Desperate With Rotting Flesh

This song is by Evilwar and appears on the album Bleeding In The Shades Of Baphomet (2006).

At midnight the portals will be opened
Leaving free the insane creatures
Imprisoned minds in stinking bodies
The smelling of death roams in the shadows of this place
I feel my flesh getting rot

I am locked in this place
I cannot leave, | cannot see anything
I just feel the cold and the darkness
In my cursing prison
I feel my flesh getting rot

I hear desperate yells
Insane creatures roams easy rider
Waiting for the midnight
Only the stinking smelling and the rottenness
My body rotting, rotting...

The eyes rottener in my skull
It rested just the rottenness
I yearn for dying, dying...

My lucidity, my eternal cursing
I cannot leave, I cannot see
Just the cold and the darkness

Imprisoning my body
I will be waiting for the midnight