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Deluge Of Blood

This song is by Evilwar and appears on the album Bleeding In The Shades Of Baphomet (2006).

The submitted prisoners had disdained the cross
On the top of the ruins
The black crows passing by
Fire tortures bringing the death
The branch of thorn cut in the deepness
Spills the blood of the bastard son
Dirtying and rotting the land
The howl of the wolves announces the curse

Poisoned blood of the sacred chalice
Corroding and rottening
Delayed acts
The feet will be tied
Dust and ruins
Everything was destroyed by the legion of the impure demons
The brimstone burns in the infernal vengeance

After the fire the virgins will betray
They will spit on their own womb
Cutting in the spades' steel
Violent poorness
The masterpiece of evil
The weakness of Christ

The infamy domain of evil
The prostitute virgin was profaned
And burnt with her bastard son
The shade of the crows darkening the land
In the sea of blood
And lying.

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