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This song is by Evile and appears on the album Infected Nations (2009).

Far beyond our grasp
Within where eyes burn with hate
Blinding appetite
With a lust to separate
Striking at the line
Preaching from a hollow throne
Scarring humankind
Upon poisened words they've grown

Strength we need
Seeking peace

Denied of the choice
Of who they are to become
Need to educate
So all wrongs can be undone
Hiding underground
Faces deep into disguise
Misguiding all their young
Seems that elders aren't so wise

Strength we need
Seeking peace

Strong will be our pride
Pushing on without divide
Look how far we've come
ever closer to one mind

Strong we'd be
No divide
Ever closer
To one mind

Are you caught in madness?
Still no complete union
Some are walking mindless
Stood in the way of progress

Strong we'd be
No divide
Ever closer
To one mind

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