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This song is by Evil Cowards and appears on the album Covered In Gas (2009).

Now I know I've got somewhere to be
But the problem is she won't let me be
All I can be

And I know I got somewhere to go
But she won't let me go to the go-go
Every time I gotta go
Oh no

OH shit
OH shit
OH shit
OH shit

She's an expensive whore
And she will cost you more
Fraulein, why you stickin' your head in to the oven?
Why you pickin' all the dread out of our lovin'?

When the baby cries
You spread the lies
To minimize the damages
I said
When the hunger dies
The heat will rise
To vulcanize my sandwiches
And I shall have my comeuppance

OH shit
OH shit
OH shit

She's an expensive whore
Yeah she will cost you more
She's my main creditor
Down at the liquor store

She said
"Everybody's moving to Ridgewood, but I'm not
Everybody's taking the sure out of the sure shot"
When a product sells
She rings her bells
And everyone comes running
Nobody here's got as many curses as I've got

Oh wow
Oh wow

OH shit
OH shit
OH shit
OH shit

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