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Easy As Sin

This song is by Everything But the Girl and appears on the album Everything But the Girl (1984).

Darkness will trip darkness will fall
Get no sleep on Salisbury street
Mud on my shoes sweat on my palms
Get no sleep on Salisbury street
There is another time it could have been different
I know if it were you'd be there
Over the Pennines and out of the station
And finally up to a room
A voice in my head and the cut won't heal
On Amberigde walk in Salisbury street
And what about her well she nettles my thoughts
Hatred creeps down Salisbury street
To gloat is as ugly as soaking yourself
In a wave of remorse
I shout on the shingle soaked to the skin
By a river that's taken its course
To do good is so tempting it hurts
A tale complete from Salisbury street
To do bad is as easy as sin
A tale complete from Salisbury street

Written by:

Ben Watt

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