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This song is by Everyday Sunday and appears on the album Stand Up (2002).

You're rushing, doing everything anything on the verge.
Not even thinking about what if you're doing is absurd.
I don't mean to be the one to cut in,
But you might want to stop and think about what you're doing.
Here we go, everybody in the house one time,
Everybody get up with their rhyme and the times and the lines,
And everybody says it, everybody goes and everybody plays it'
What, and everybody says you're front,
And everybody says you go with your flow, and everybody knows,
Everybody sings, and everybody brings'
Have fun go ahead, do anything instead.
You can do what you want if it looks fun.
But God is in control of the route and that is what it's all about.
Movin' in a van, so what we are a band, now you gotta get up,
Get the lights shining and jumping on your feet,
We'll hit you with a beat, let's move for He has given us everything.
There isn't a time, a place you can be,
Not a place in your face that you cannot see,
Back up your face are you talking, yeah,
I said it's grace, He will be with me every place.
And why now, everybody says it, why now,
And everybody says you go with your flow and everybody knows,
And everybody sings and everybody brings it.
You go and everybody says it, you go and everybody throws it,
You go and everybody fakes it one time, and everybody shows it,
One time and everybody throws it, one time and everybody goes it,
One time and everybody blows it.
Here we go, come on.
Come on man tell me what you were thinking,
Doing everything with a selfish reason.
I didn't meant to be the one to cut in,
But you gotta stop and think about what you're doing.
You sang your song way out of tune, so step off now and let it loose,
I'm not gonna do it your way! I'm doing it for God, so I'm here today.
Everybody goes and everybody knows,
Everybody sings and everybody brings.
Bring it on, bring it on this time, everybody sets it up with their rhyme,
But now, everybody says somehow,
And everybody says you go with your flow
And everybody knows and everybody sings, and everybody brings it.

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