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This song is by Every Time I Die and appears on the album From Parts Unknown (2014).

I should have drown in the flood with the rest
I had the chance
The current was pitiless
And proof of man was wiped from the face of earth
The song, the dance
Yeah, I should have gone with it
Alas, I'm stranded alone in the wake
Now I have lost all sight of the grave
When did I ever say that I want to be saved
I can see for miles but it don't look the same
When no road has been paved go up
Go up

Now how am I gonna get down
I want a slow death wrought from the dregs
"I want to be sedated," just like joey said
I want the heaviest heart
I have eaten my weight in gold
I can see only what I'm shown up here
But in the coals with common men who yearn for ordinary things
Love cannot find us
So get out of my way
I got out of my own way
Better a tramp than a captive

Better alone than lonely with all these "friends"
What in the fuck am I doing here
Why did the rapture not take me in
It is my curse to carry on
I should have died when I was young
I should still be burning lung
If I had known what I'd become
I should have drown in the flood with the rest
I had the chance, but here I a

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