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This song is by Every Time I Die and appears on the album From Parts Unknown (2014).

Peel off the leather and dig out your heart (x4)
Right before your very eyes I slipped off the husk
I mastered the slight
There's a getaway car that's been waiting my whole life
The engine has been running since the moment I arrived
A trap door in the gallows let the charlatan out but smoke and mirrors box him in
The rags and the bones were such a burden that I thought I'd collapse
And only when I surrendered them did I find I had what it takes to burn myself at the stake
Did you smell a rat? (x3)
I had faked everything but my death
Across the divide and onto the shore
The strain on my back wasn't there anymore
Wisdom teeth have replaced the fangs (x2)
I've been scalped, scalped, scalped
I've been knocked unconscious and I still haven't come around
There was so much trouble on my mind all the time
Call on the ten thieves and tell the I'm ready
I looked up and the desert was everywhere
But insight comes through blackened eyes
I climbed a hill to dig a hole in the ground where I could bury the faithlessness and the evidence that I was ever actually right
My skin was on too tight
I could not identify the body
Us snakes evolve
It's what snakes do
I could not identify the body
Shed the fur and leave the womb
Peel off the leather and dig out your heart (x4)

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