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Life's A Bitch

This song is by Everlast.

Yeah Yeah
Whitey Ford and the likwit
2000 zero zero
Party just started

I got the complex subjects
The roughneck stature
The jerk factor results and bone fractures
Manufactured sounds and images
Got me scramblin' like football scrimages
Johnny Unitis
In god I trust
I don't need to get paper everytime I bust
Maybe I'll do it for charity
Now my label want to jerk me for my royalty
I guess thats what you get for loyalty
Life's a bitch don't take the shit personally

Life's a bitch don't take it personally (3x)
Life's a bitch don't take it personal

Call me a visionary advasary
Known to bust cherry on a young berry
Now tell me how much weight can your back carry
And tell me how far have you come now
Im sick of all these fake rock B-boys who think they down
'cause they got a tattoo and turn their hat round
Their all my sons just call me Sam
Recognize who I am boy we ain't fam
This ain't the sopranos
You know I roll with the rythm cubanos
And billions get served like McDonalds
So get the fuck on before I give you a tray
Year though I ride through the calley in my blinged up whip
I don't fear no evil pumpin' full clip
'cause you ain't nothin but a bitch to me
By 2002 you'll be history


Yo I motivate to propagate my oral linguistic
Mystical science act of defiance
Bitches get slapped on non-compliance
Catgorize me with industry giants
I'm callin shots like my man chick hearn
I can mix your burn while you wait your turn
I get respect in this here and that's hard to earn
I don't do it for the paper I got money to burn
My sole motivation is rock the whole nation
Make a rhodes scholar out of a dust patient
All you drug addicts with the thug tatics
You might go to jail if the charge really sticks

Life's a bitch don't take it personally (7x)
Life's a bitch don't take it personal

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