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Back From The Dead

This song is by Everlast.

Straight out the casket, risin' up
Open up your eyes, can't you see me
What the fuck is this, madness
Pick up my bones, erase my name from off the tombstones
Alive and kickin', breathin' the air
Call out my name punk and I'll be there
No question, my suggestion to the action
Caught smack dab in the middle of the blastin'
Messin' with me, you're messin' with the best
Blough, you're takin' two shots to the chest

'Cause I'm back from the dead
Everlast's comin' back from the dead (back from the dead)
You know I'm back from the dead
And I'll put a friggin' hole in your head
Back from the dead
Back from the dead

You can't disrespect it, I'm the resurrected
Back from the dead, just to mess with your head
I'll stress what I said, but I won't repeat it
If you've got a cold, starve it
If you've got a fever, feed it
And if you can't feed it, then why not blow
You might be positive and not even know
I rock the hardcore from the floor to the ceilin'
I give sexual healin', I'll get your girlie squealin'
Like a pig, my grave's somethin' you can never dig
I'll rock a mausoleum, backyard or colosseum

'Cause I'm back from the dead
Everlast's comin' back from the dead (back from the dead)
You know I'm back from the dead
House of Pain's in effect, 'nuff said

Skip the autopsy, 'cause I never O.D.'d
I only puff boom kid I never get skeemed
I don't sniff or shoot up, rip I'll stick my boot up
Your ass quick fast Everlast don't jive
Just like Pearl Jam, I'm still alive
Spreadin' like tumors, gossip and lies
Exaggerated reports of my demise, and if you believed'em
Well then you got gassed, the media deceived'em
Just like in the past


Like Steven Segal I'm hard to kill
And like G.G. Allen I'm crazy ill
I'll beat ya down with my mic
Kick your ass with my Nike
Bust ya in the eye if ya tell another lie
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Thinkin' I'm dead you must be smokin' dust
Come see me bust in the flesh it's a must


Back from the dead

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