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The Aftermath

This song is by Evergrey and appears on the album Hymns for the Broken (2014).

So I'm sad time does not heal
And I wait and I drink while I bleed
I understand that we must leave
And I wait while I bleed
Time to leave

So we set sail on open seas
Where no one's known and no one's seen
We cruised forever
Without a lead of how to steer a ship that bleed
I one day hope the sun gives way
To rid the clouds that hides our way
If we could only strand on shores
Where I am safe but still so sore

And I remember the winds of autumn breeze
Still remember the days when we played kings
And now the embers give light to hopes and dreams
It's December
You can't silence the screams
And I remember a light to darkness change
And I remember...
...The days when we played Kings

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