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For Every Tear That Falls

This song is by Evergrey and appears on the album The Dark Discovery (1998) and on the live album A Night To Remember (2005).

Stranded on a shore of no light
The waves brings me sorrow
and with a vision of past in my mind
All I crave is to see you back in life

I call your name
But you wont hear me
I seek your eyes but they wont see
And when I reach for your hands
I realise I can't feel them no more

I see your eyes
I feel your pain

Sailing waters I am drifting inside
The wind brings me sadness
And with a vision of pain in my mind
All I wanted was not to see you die

I call you name
But you wont hear me
I seek your eyes but they wont see
And when I'm burning inside
I hope you're there

Cant you see my tears
I see your crying
And I have tried to forget
You'll always be in my mind

I stare the eyes of a man alone
A man I used to care for
A man I used to know
For every tear that falls
A wound grows bigger
Into my already bleeding soul

If I had only been there
Oh god I wish I could have saved you

I still remember the times we shared
I've tried to keep inside the grief I suffer
I can't believe that I been swept away
Like I never existed
As a part of your life

(Solo: Englund)

I'm still stranded on the shore of no light
And the same wave still brings me sorrow
And I'm drifting yes drifting inside
And my wound grows bigger
For every tear that falls
For every tear that falls

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