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Annabella's Song

This song is by Everclear and appears on the album Songs From An American Movie Vol. One - Learning How To Smile (2000).

I see you rub your eyes
you know it makes me smile
you are like the sun to me
bright as liquid fire
I feel so powerless
to hold you up above the world
you are quite alot of trouble
such a pretty little girl
You know I'm never home
I'm always miles and miles away
I feel I'm running out of time
say the things I need to say
I call you on the telephone
you will not talk to me
you just dont understand
you are my everything
Anna Anna
Tell me what you want
tell me what you need
Anna Anna you are never alone
You are never alone
I like to watch you play
when you dont know i'm there
see you when you sleep at night
reach out and touch your hair
I want to make this world be just all you want it to be
yeah you just dont understand
you are my everything
Anna you are never alone

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