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Sixth Period

This song is by Even Stevens.

6th period, 6th period, 6th p-er-iod

6th period is drawing near,
to ruin my Junior High career,

That test run by Tugnut
its gonna kick my butt

Oh, how you fill my heart with dread, 6th period

6th period, 6th period, 6th p-er-iod

I'll tell my college plans farwell,
(Gee, we remember when,)
When I hear that 6th period bell,
(We could rely on Ren)

I think I ate bad shrimp,
Stevens don't be a whimp,
Try and be a man instead, 6th period

6th period, 6th period, 6th p-er-iod

Ren's presentation time as come,
(Oh, I can't wait to see)
Oh no, I'm gonna look so dumb,
(What Ren's prepared for me)

We hope we leave the gym,
with all of our limbs,
and of course with all our heads,

Steve, Ren's not in her bed,
We better find her,
yeah,lets hussle
Oh, I think I pulled a muscle

Why'd these halls get so crowded?
6th period,
(6th period, 6th period, 6th period)

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