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Morning Announcements

This song is by Even Stevens.

Lawrence Junior High wont you lend me an ear,
I hope this P.A. System is loud and clear
Now listen up people, I got something to say
These are the morning announcements for today.

Be sure to check the lost and found between classes,
There's a comb in there and a pair of really thick glasses,
Looks like somebody (hmm) lost their pants,
There's a whole salami sandwich and some complementary ants.

I hope you 7th graders got a lot of rest,
Because today's your physical endurance test,
Tugnuts wearing a crazy grin,
6th period, in the gym, let the pain begin!

That's all for this morning,
Oh did I mention
There's only one name on the list for detention,
Hes never been accused of over-achieving,
Hes that goofy, little trouble maker,
Louis Stevens (who)
Louis Stevens (oh)
Now I'm leavin', Out!