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This song is by Even All Out and appears on the album Things I Forgot to Say (2003).

Out of the dark I step
With my life in my hands but can't hold on tight enough
While trying to understand
How to figure things out where I'll be in the end
So i'll just step back
To see what I'm lacking
Caught in my mind
I s the thought of how different things can seem

It's not simple cause
We'll look back on these day's yet they'll be gone
And if I seem too stuck on today
It's just for now

Just wait, cause time goes by
And I'll be caught in this and forget almost everything
Cause my senses seem dulled
Have i seen too much?
And i wish I was pulled
Into ignorance

Cause into the dark i step
with my life out of reach couldn't hold on tight
But I've still got time
at least I think but it's not a garentee


Just another life, like mine passes by
Never stop to think, never realize
Just how weak we are
Yet if pushed too far
We can get swept away
I thought it was easy but....

It's not simple cause
We'll look back on these day's yet they'll be gone

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