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Go On

This song is by Even All Out and appears on the album Things I Forgot to Say (2003).

When the gas is low
And all the signs point to the wrong way.
(Learn, lost, listening)
To thoughts untold,
And all the things I forgot to say.
Never thought I'd come this far.
Can't go back.

"Go on," she said.
"Get in, or get out."
I lost my head
When the punch line knocked me out.
Go on alone.
Tell me what it's all for.

As the world stands still,
And you can't read between the lines.
(Love, trust, memory).
With holes to fill,
So big they take up all my time.
But that's just luck gone too far.
Now we're broke down.

I know that if I let go,
I'll just want it back.
Nothing new,
It depends on you
And everything you do.
And I, cannot stay here.

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