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Dead In The Water

This song is by Even All Out and appears on the album Things I Forgot to Say (2003).

The clock it ticks and it won't stop
It keeps running life as we know it
The deadlines, appointments, disappointments
That we try and avoid by always being on time
So get all your priorities straight
Cause time may heal wounds, but time won't wait
While you relax and just enjoy your leisure

We're dead in the water,
Trapped in a cage but it's all right
Cause traffic keeps moving,
So pave your own way and live your life

The mind it races and it changes
But it also makes us who we are
The heartbreak, the best times, and the bullshit
Are all what we need to make the best of our time
So just live life at your own pace
Give yourself time, give yourself space
To relax and just enjoy your leisure

So just keep on moving on
But that doesn't mean run away
We've all got our battle scars
Here are mine
Show me yours I'll help you realize

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