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Togheter Forever

This song is by Eve.

The moment I wake up
before I put on my make-up
I say a little prayer for you
while caming my hear now
and wondering what dress to wear now
I say a little prayer for you


Forever and ever you'll stay in my heart
and I will love you forever and ever
we're never apart, oh how I love you
together forever, that's how it must be
to live without you would only mean heartbreak for me

I run for the bus dear,
while riding I think of you dear
I say a little prayer for you
at work I just take time
and all through my coffee-breaktime
I say a little prayer for you


I'll say a little prayer for you (2x)

My darling believe me, for me there is noone but you
please love me too
(answer his prayer)

and I'm in love with you
(answer his prayer now baby)

And answer my prayer, babe
(answer his prayer)


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