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Be Me

This song is by Eve and appears on the album Scorpion (2001).

I'm just trying to be me... to be me
(Chorus: 2X's)

One... 'Cause I really wanna see the world
Two... Always knew I was a super girl
Three... Staying laced in diamonds and pearls (to be me)
That's the way you gotta treat a girl

(Verse One)
When I was broke cats was like do that
Uh oh
Now that I got something cats is like screw that
They wish I could've blew that
Back with them complaining
I move on speak shit so far from so long
Spassing, stressed out, not maintaining
Blew up called me cherry bomb
You the one that made me go forth and go on
Changed my hair from blonde
Mad 'cause I can go investigate the whole Gucci line
Publishing's a motherfucker baby and I own mines
Let me live niggas, did this with my own rhymes
Worked hard... I deserve the best in life
She stay clean... I deserve to be dressed up right
She spits mean... God definitely blessed her right
We can all buy diamonds and furs nothing to tell
We can all buy the mall with nothing to sell
Your career's dead wrong, change your style, wear a vail

Chorus: 2x's

Mad 'cause we got shit
Dropped what I dropped shit
(Verse Two)
All we do is drop hits
Mad 'cause we killing it
Long cash, twenty-one, investigating in stock shit
Call the ??? long so I could cock shit
Now I'm supposed to down play all the things I want in my life

Got my own money now, ain't gotta be nobody wife
Only if I want to, not 'cause I need to
Choose the situations I do and do not go through
I told you I was gonna make it big, gonna grow
This is dedicated to all of the haters that didn't know
Talking about me made people wonder who she was
But they know who it was
Haters created my buzz
And I'm here now
Going on my second year now
Fuck it, we could take it there, keep at a stare down
Now I think that my message is clear now
That bitch E-V-E singing what you hear now

Chorus: 2x's
(Verse Three)
Traveling to me away was Atlantic City
Now, float me in a boat in the Atlantic feel me
Gotta come to the table with something 'cause I got mine
Gotta spoil Eve royally, not just like pipe line
I said it before, I can fill my own belly
Say I ain't your type (lying), matches make you jelly
Uh, need you for what
Get in where you fit in, if you can
I'mma keep it comfortable, that's my plan
I'm just trying to be me, bubble and Philly bitch
Coarse I'mma boss and floss, I ain't no silly bitch
Bet she come fully equipped from chips to whip
Keys to her own crib, big shit to grip
I'm living it down, so ya simmer it down
Went from Ooh sheek to Oh I remember her now
Niggas couldn't stand her, now they wanna give her a pound
Wanna know her cause my feet is planted in the ground

Chorus: fades away

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