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This song is by Evan McArdle.

You’re so beautiful
Ev’rybody says that
They all think you rule
Life is all in line
Got it all together
Ev’rything’s just fine
Fairest in the land
You lead the way and try to
Help them understand
Always right and true
It seems like every person
Wants to be like you

But there is something wrong
I can see it in your eyes
Beyond the masquerade
The fassade and the lies is

Diamondheart, a-a-a-ha-ha-ha
Harder than stone
Yet more valuable than gold
Diamondheart, a-a-a-ha-ha-ha
Do you really wanna live this way?

In that lovely shell
I realize that there is
Just a dreary cell
Captive and alone
You shut yourself inside your
Blissful walls of stone
When ev’ryone departs
Evil fills your mind and
Darkness clouds your heart
If anybody knew
I’m pretty shure no one would
Want to be like you

But what I feel for you
Is empathy and fear
I wish it wasn’t so
So you were how you appear


Why are you trying to lead a double live?
Why can’t you be kind and noble all the time?
I know that I could never change you
But could you please change yourself?

Diamondheart I want to say
That it’ll be alright
And that it’s all okay
But I know that’s not true
As long as you chose to
Keep your life torn in two

[Refrain] ×2


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