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You My Friend

This song is by Eva Dahlgren and appears on the album Finns Det Nån Som Bryr Sej Om (1978).

You my friend have you seen the thing
I lost today
Have you seen my pain
You my friend have you stolen the thing
I lost today
Have you stolen my pain
You my friend I'm flying up here in the sky
and there's one thing I can't deny
I love you friend

You my friend have you seen the thing
I got today
Have you seen my love
You my friend you gave me the thing
I got today
You gave me love
You my friend I'm walking here on earth
and now I don't have to search
I got you friend

In the morning I wake up, make some tea
catch the bus
I'm rushing through life but you've made
me slow down and smile
You made me see the sky
I can give you my life, my thoughts
take it all
I've been death and blind, egoistic
and unkind
But now love's entering my mind
You my friend please open up your
door for me
Can't you here my call
You my friend you're near me even when
you're home in bed
I'm knocking on your door
You my friend I've seen you laugh and cry
and there's one thing I can't deny

I need you friend

Of course I need boys but I just see them
as toys
I can talk to a wall, it will give so much more
then a man
'Cause he will never understand
That I can fall in love just like an
ordinary girl
and I can take him to my room make some
love, but then,
I can't feel what I've done

You my friend I need you more than you'll
ever know
You my friend I've nver been writing and
like this before
You my friend I'm dreaming every day
But there's one thing I can see clear
I love you riend
I know I'll grow old but I don't want to see
the end
I know we will split up but I hope you want
to be my friend
Well I'm your's to the end

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