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Help Me To The Door

This song is by Eva Dahlgren and appears on the album Finns Det Nån Som Bryr Sej Om (1978).

Weel, the bartender's cominng to throw
us out from the place
We've got no choice
We've tasted his special four times and
now we can't
leave without makin' a noise
We're far away from home and all our
money's gone
We're drowing our troubles in whisky
and Irish coffey
Oh will you please help me to the door
it's time for us to leave

At nine everything's allright I feel the sun
shining on me
At midnight everything's allright bet then
I see two suns shinin'
on me
Well I'm getting to warm I got to cool
down my head
I want t ogo out but I'm staying instead
with a whisky
Oh will you please help me to the door
I think it's time for us to leave

We can't say no when those nice guys
are comming to
offer us something to drink
No we're just too kind and sometimes
I wonder what my
mother will think
We used to go out and take a Coke or two
but it's much better t omix it with
something stronger
So will you please help me to the door
I think it's time for us to go

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