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Bloody Rain

This song is by Euthanasia and appears on the album Thoughts On Living (1999).

I can't go on
Who want to be sad hero
In dying reality?

The spectres of war
Talking to me in dreamless nights
Who damned this land?

We rose from the dead
When we fought for our freedom
Now we are get blind with greed
I can't go on
When seeing the masses of slaves
Which waiting for their end

Just empty words I heard at that time:
Love, freedom and understanding, it's for crying
I crossed thousand rivers and sufferer was my friend
I've found the promises land but I'm afraid of tomorrows

I'm standing in the rain
On the dawn of the end
In the bloody rain

Intolerance, it's our fate
I can't feel only bloody rain
Where god is and where I am?

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