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When The Day Goes Down

This song is by Eurythmics and appears on the album We Too Are One (1989).

Well don't you cry now -
Don't go drowning in your tears
Haven't you learnt anything
After all these years?

All God's little children
Are beautiful & pure
And you're as good
As all of them
Of this you can be sure

And we are just the same
Underneath the shadows
Of the sun
And we are just the same
No more no less than anyone

All the people
Of this lonely world
Have got some pain inside
Don't go thinking
You're the only one
Who ever broke right down
And cried

That's when the rain comes down
That's when the rain comes falling down

And this is for the broken dreamers
This is for vacant souls
This is for the hopeless losers
This is for the helpless fools
And the burnt out
And the useless
And the lonely & the weak
And the lost & the degraded
& the too dumb to speak

And the day goes down
That's when the day
Goes down

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