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Here Comes That Sinking Feeling

This song is by Eurythmics and appears on the album Be Yourself Tonight (1985).

Have you ever heard the sound of disappointment?
It tangles your head like a winter rose.
Comes up eager and shining
And it likes to leave a scar before it goes.

Here comes that sinking feeling
(Can't keep it to myself)

Nobody hurts me like you do.
You cut into me like a poison dart.
Creep into my sleep at night.
Break into my dreams and tear them apart.

Here comes that sinking feeling.

Have you ever felt the sound of disappointment?
It pounds in your head like hammer blows.
Comes on gentle and smiling.
And it likes to leave a scar...
Here it comes again no.
Here comes that sinking feeling.

Written by:

Annie Lennox and David A. Stuart

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