Eurovision Song Contest: Oslo 2010 (2010)

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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Moldova: Run Away by Sunstroke Project and Olia Tira
  2. Russia: Lost And Forgotten by Peter Nalitch And Friends
  3. Estonia: Siren by Malcolm Lincoln and Manpower 4
  4. Slovakia: Horehronie by Kristina Pelakova
  5. Finland: Työlki Ellää by Kuunkuiskaajat
  6. Latvia: What For? by Aisha
  7. Serbia: Ovo Je Balkan by Milan Stanković
  8. Bosnia & Herzegovina: Thunder And Lightning by Vukašin Brajić
  9. Poland: Legenda by Marcin Mroziński
  10. Belgium: Me And My Guitar by Tom Dice
  11. Malta: My Dream by Thea Garrett
  12. Albania: It's All About You by Juliana Pasha
  13. Greece: Opa by Giorgos Alkaios And Friends
  14. Portugal: Há Dias Assim by Filipa Azevedo
  15. Macedonia: Jas Ja Imam Silata by Gjoko Taneski, Billy Zver and Pejcin
  16. Belarus: Butterflies by 3+2 (featuring Robert Wells)
  17. Iceland: Je Ne Sais Quoi by Hera Björk
  18. Lithuania: Eastern European Funk by InCulto
  19. Armenia: Apricot Stone by Eva Rivas
  20. Israel: Milim by Harel Skaat
Disc 2
  1. Denmark: In A Moment Like This by Chanée and N'evergreen
  2. Switzerland: Il Pleut De L'or by Michael von der Heide
  3. Sweden: This Is My Life by Anna Bergendahl
  4. Azerbaijan: Drip Drop by Safura
  5. Ukraine: Sweet People by Alyosha
  6. The Netherlands: Ik Ben Verliefd (Sha-La-Lie) by Sieneke
  7. Romania: Playing With Fire by Paula Seling & Ovi
  8. Slovenia: Narodnozabavni Rock by Ansambel Žlindra and Kalamari
  9. Ireland: It's For You by Niamh Kavanagh
  10. Bulgaria: Angel Si Ti by MIRO
  11. Cyprus: Life Looks Better In Spring by Jon Lilygreen And The Islanders
  12. Croatia: Lako Je Sve by Feminnem
  13. Georgia: Shine by Sofia Nizharadze
  14. Turkey: We Could Be The Same by maNga
  15. France: Allez Ola Olé by Jessy Matador
  16. Germany: Satellite by Lena Meyer-Landrut
  17. Norway: My Heart Is Yours by Didrik Solli-Tangen
  18. Spain: Algo Pequeñito (Something Tiny) by Daniel Diges
  19. United Kingdom: That Sounds Good To Me by Josh Dubovie
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