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Treated Bad Again

This song is by Europe and appears on the album Wings of Tomorrow (1984).

Hey girl don't come to me
And ask me for a helping hand
Cause the way things seem to be
I would never ever understand

'Cause when he comes to you
You always take him back
Hey girl just wait and see
You're bound to have a heart attack

Cause whenever you meet
It always turns out the same
Baby you're treated bad again

Hey girl why can't you learn
That changes can be made
'Cause when he comes to you
You've got to turn and walk the other way

Go out and hit the town
Try to look for something new
Go out and mess around
Understand what you are going through

Treated bad again

So many nights
My thought brings me to you
I've seen him come and go
And so many years
You don't know I've been watching you
But baby, would something change if you knew?

Written by:

Joey Tempest

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