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Virulent Affliction

This song is by Euphoric Defilement and appears on the album Ascending To The Worms (2013).

Sought out by the breath of death
Bacterium eats the flesh of all kind
As evering being scours for a cure
Unrelenting virus continues to feast

Repent for growth, the beasts slaughtered
Silence the people, legions withhold
Repent for growth
Retrieve their dignity
Subdued by infections
Disrupting the visions of old

It grows exceedingly, uncontrollable, insatiable
A human disease still fresh, consume the innocent
This ravenous hunger, such a benevolent affliction

Contriving dominance amongst the populace
But the conception failed, a vicissitudinous surge
What remains is what lingers,
Uncontrolled hunger
The elicitation confines innumerable possibilities
A commonality

Deluded supremacy, retributive predominance, transcending addiction

Scorching blood infects every cell inside, divine
Immense exposure causes failures to erupt
Sources of vitality are corrupted, distraught
Revealed limbs seeking out for flesh, contort violently

Deluded supremacy, retributive predominance, transcending addiction
Impure godlike unity, ugly unproportioned supreme

The future was there
Now dead,
Harmony? No
The peace tainted long ago
Not weak, but violent
And that piece no longer here...

I am supreme

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