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Rending Shades Of Deformity

This song is by Euphoric Defilement and appears on the album Ascending To The Worms (2013).

Producing all that is between normality
Guilty for creating
Disregard the reality
Guilty for creating,
"What about me?!'
You are nothing
Lacking motivation
Failure to act on your belief
Just a parasitic lifestyle

Copulating with all the dirty pests
Inhabiting this world in between to
Procreate intricate abominations
Simply redefining the human formality

Can you see
Can you think
Have you any sentience
You can't see
You can't think
Are you even

Incorporating ideals, but you fail to manage
Craving for the uncertainties within this world
So you may fluctuate blindly
A skeptic of your own existence

A hollow grave is where you'll be
Your only existence with an eternity

Copulating with the forever dead
Inhabiting this world in between to
Procreate fungoidal abominations
Simply nonexistent to humanity

Coexist with the shallow things that accept your flesh
Coexist with death's flesh