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This song is by Euphoric Defilement and appears on the album Ascending To The Worms (2013).

An abhorrent revelation
Recompense for their sins
Allow the unscrupulous to
Commend mortality
Defile gifts and blessings
Ravishing all the
Wounds and gracings
On all fours like a beast
Minds are dissolute
Crave depravity
The lands lay leveled
Witness the desired independence
Where's there a home?
Fear cloaked in courage
Is this what they wanted?
Fallen and discarded
Who can say they're free?!

Life is broken, souls are torn
Filthy human savages on the floor
There's a rift, a catastrophic state
Rebound pretentious eloquence
See the devised cyclic phase

Corruption deep within
Inhabitants sleep until the cash flows
Siphoning degradation
Deceive the salvation
Save for the aftermath of their fallen world

Conceiving virulent storms
Amassing their blind hordes
The fall of mankind grows

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