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Abolishing The Divine Structure

This song is by Euphoric Defilement and appears on the album Ascending To The Worms (2013).

Constructing our symbol the epitome
Born of blood and stone
Devout refugees seeking reason
From the powers that be
But the aptitude lacks precision
It's true purpose unknown

Image, divinity
Purpose, prosperity
Image sovereignty
Purpose, indoctrinating

The structure to a malformation
Sonorous tremors divide
Oppilated anomaly
Emits a brilliant light
Piercing the sky

Summoning befouled figures
Released from their slumber

Defiling sanctity on structured soil
Amidst this chaos
The people flee
Beyond this now cursed land
As beast feast on the weak
But will devour the entire world

And they see the structure before them

Once, thought holy to the people
Was a portal to other spheres
But the beasts rend the foundation
Never to go back, remain here forever
As the conduit comes crashing down

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