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Whenever Your Ready....

This song is by Eugene Wilde and appears on the album How About Tonight (1992).

Verse I

Sit Down....
Let me talk to you lady..
I've waited for this moment..
For along, long time...
So don't grab your coat...
and say you're
But, stay awhile........

The night is special
And filled with soo much emotion..
Tonight we'll show..
So much Love and Devotion

So Just relax...
and grab a hold of me lady
Cause I won't you to stay.....

Whenever you ready....
I need..your love...around....
Whenever you want me..
I need..your love..around...
Whenever you need me...
I need..your love...around..
Whenever you ready..
I need... your love..around..(oh yeah)

Verse II

This moment..
Is about to explode...
Tempature is Rising..Come and free my soul..
With your special touch..That i'm craving lady..
Just let me hold you....

Let's slow dance..
Let's get lost in each other..
Let's make love...The whole night through.
Girl, relax your mind..
And grab a hold of me me lady..
Cause I won't you stay....

(repeat chorus)


Tonight is Special
And filled with so much emotion..
Let's slow dance..
Let's get each other..
Let's make love.
The Whole Night..through...
yeah lady..stay.......

(Repeat Chorus
ad-lib til fade)

Eugene Wilde taken from the "How About Tonight" CD/LP....

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