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I Can't Take It.

This song is by Eugene Wilde and appears on the album I Choose You (Tonight) (1989).


Verse I

If I asked could I Touch You?
Would it bring back..
Of yesterday's..
When our Love was hot...
Back when you begged me...not to stop.

But, since then
I've got so much more...
So much I'm trying to give you....
It was just a little .. Misunderstanding
So darling...
Please listen to what I'm trying to say..


Cause, I can't take it (no, no,no,no,no)
I can't take it in... without you....
(I can't take it, take it).
I can't take it (no,no, no, no more)
I can't take it in...without you....

Verse II

If I had a chance to love you..
I'll make you melt
Right before my eyes...
I'll lay you down
You'll think how good it's
used to be...
You'll admit how long you've been waiting..

For me and you
to get it together...
Cause No one else
can treat you like I do....
I'll make you feel the way..
A woman wants to feel...
Because Lovin you.....
Is still a thrill!

(repeat chorus)


Remember the way I use to touch you.
Do you remember the things we use to do all
I use to Hold you
You use to begg me not to let go..

and I can' t take it in without you....

I can't take it...
No,no,no,no,no,no,no,no more..

I wanna hug, squeeze,kiss, you darlin
Get you in the mood..
Can't you see I'm a man
Of flesh and Blood.. I'm Human.

And I can't take it in, take it, take it .....Without you..........

(Feel it till, fade-out)

Eugene Wilde; Taken of the "I Choose You (Tonight)" CD/LP.

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