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30 Mins To Talk

This song is by Eugene Wilde and appears on the album Serenade (1985).

Life is a race... I Meditate
'Cause I can't live a life of crime.
So night and day
I kneel and pray
Begging my boss for overtime.

I'm barely making a dime
Some cop just... gave me a fine
But, still I'm strong enough
To pass on the line.
I won't get into dope
Cause, I know there is hope
As long as I got You
By my side...

Lady, I won't Hesitate
I'm giving everything it takes
I'm sorry that I'm working late...
I have'nt even sat or ate...
You know I've got to earn my pay...
I know I said "we had a date"
So come and let me see your face.,
'Cause I've got 30 mins. to talk...

No time to waste...
It's getting late...
There's so much work I have to do...
She rings my bell... But, once again
I have to give her the bad news.

The boss he's called on the Phone
He said there's something wrong...
It seems I can't wait
I'm working again...

She looks me straight in the eye
And ask those questions why?
But, I know she'll stay
Right By my side...

(Repeat chrous)
(Ad-lib till fade)

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