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A Child Lost in Tesco

This song is by Eugene McGuinness and appears on the EP The Early Learnings of Eugene McGuinness (2007) and on the compilation The Mules Present "Pick Your Own" (2007).

I climbed up the dizzy heights
Just me, and the moon in an empty sky
The tiny cars, and trucks, and fairy lights
As if the stars never learned how to fly

And like a child lost in Tesco
I'm walking down the middle of every aisle
What I'm looking for, I don't know
Just want my name to be passed around for a while

I'm staring at a lady's face
So young, but weathered, dead with fake tan
Heavy earrings dangle, oh with no grace
And she's pushing an empty pram

Just like a child lost in Tesco
But she's climbing up the dizzy heights
Of the sweetness of going solo
But oh, the bitterness of lonely nights, the bitterness of lonely nights

The bitterness of lonely nights

Written by:

Eugene McGuinness