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This song is by Etta James and appears on the album Her Best (1997).

So you told... All the boys... That you were gonna take me out.
Ya even... Ya even had the nerve to make a bet. Oh, Yes you did
But I dont want a one night thrill.
No, I want a love.. That's for real.
And I can tell by your lines, Yours is not the lastin kind.

You took me for a...
No I'm not a...
You thought my love was easy to get.

All of the girls... Think you're fine.
They even call ya Romeo.
Ya gott'em... Yeah you gott'em runnin to and fro.
Oh, yes you have.
But I... I wouldn't give in.
All my love you would win.
But ya haven't... You haven't won it yet.

You took me for a...
No I'm not a...
You thought that you could change my mind.
With your.. Tempting lips, and yo.. wavy hair.
(Ooh yeah)
Them pretty eyes and that (Oooooooh) stare.
Ya make me weak and I.. start to bend, and then I stop and think again.
No!! No! No. Don't let yourself go!
I'd hate to spoil your reputation, but I want a love.
Not an imitation. And I'm hip.. to every word of your conversation.

Ya took me for a...
But ya can't...
(push me over)
Oh nobodies gonna...
(push me over)

Written by:

Tony Clarke, Billy Davis

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