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Just A Little Bit

This song is by Etta James and appears on the album Tell Mama (1968).

I don't want much, no no
I just want a little bit
I don't want it all babe
I just want a little bit
Just a ?????? little bit of your love

Turn your lights down low
And, honey, slip me a kiss
Turn your lights down low, baby
Come on, I can't resist
I wanna a ?????? little bit of your love

Oh, please right now honey
I can't wait now
Baby just gimme, just gimme a little bit of your love now
I don't want, please, can't wait now

I want you forever
not just for peace of mind ???????
Please say you never leave me baby
Not 'til the end of time
Oh just a t????? bit of your love

Oh gimme ?????? bit of your love
I don't want much
I want a little bit of your love
Gimme some more, gimme a little taste right now
Please, please right now, I can't wait
Baby just a little bit a little bit a little bit, right now right now

Written by:

Ralph Bass, Buster Brown, John Thornton, Fats Washington

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