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I Prefer You

This song is by Etta James and appears on the album Very Best Of Etta James - The Chess Singles (2005).

Other guys may be rich and hansome baby but,
I prefer you.
now but I prefer you
You have the quality that can't be surpassed
and the love we found I know it's gonna last
that's why I prefer you

You can't give me all the fine clothes that have been offered to me baby,
but i prefer you.
You can't give the riches that go, understand,
but i still daddy I prefer you
You have the standard that i live by yeah
and all the good lovin that i need,
that's why I prefer you

It's a matter of choice what you wanna do baby,
I've already told you what I'm gonna do baby. now
Now it's your turn baby to tell, tell me tell me baby now what you gonna do
Stop wastin time make up your mind,
baby now i prefer you.
Don't put off tomorrow, what you can do right now babe,
but I prefer you.
Now tomorrow is a day that never comes today is the day that you better get out and run, run, run
I, I prefer you
I prefer you
I prefer you
I'd rather have you abay any old time now,
don't want nobody else now
I prefer you
I'd rather have ya right now today baby
i prefer you

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