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Two Thoughts

This song is by Ethereal Pandemonium and appears on the album Lost 'n' Sound (2007).

Drifted by the waters both raging and calm
A boat that is noble and strong
Storms and winds would let it drown
Like anchor holding all the pride
Shelter, choking all inside
Shore withheld the zeal to doom us

Dragged by winds into beaches of tears
Surrendered to a peaceful feel
It was me
Pulled through sand with choice of none...

The way she moved towards the door
I won't listen but I'm waiting for a word
For a moment I was thinking will she ever know?
Would he ever change?
In her mind counting failures
There were two lines on every side as I wept
And the very same two thoughts inside my head
I could feel her inches there beyond shut doors
We were mistaken and we would love therefore

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