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This song is by Ethereal Pandemonium and appears on the album Lost 'n' Sound (2007).

Dívulgátus orcus vastus
Diabolus véráx omnes
Universum infernalis
Universum sic hic sólus
Omnis malevolus vánus dolórósus déspéráns

"Quo vadis?" - He questioned himself
At the turn of the moment he stopped and was drawn
Into the thinking about destination of his path
Ever since that time he's been standing and never got anywhere
The others kept walking and never knew, where they came to
Only the God was laughing at the vanity of all the being

Dismal dismay
Forget the oratory of the illusionists' gildness
Just will, blind will
Reign of vanity mystified by petty everyday
...Tell me what's your freedom
...Possibility of heretical choice
...So show me your heresy and stop straining with that boulder named life, syzuphos!
Just will, blind will
Omen in your mind securing the endurance

Comment se remettre de sa naissance?

Comfutatis maledictis
Flammis acribus addictis...

Werther or stavrogin
Noble love or pitilessness - choose your handman, the enchanted!
And God? - "Yes" of the human heart
The most yulgar omen - the wretchedness per se
...Mais qui se reconnaît dans cette mixture fleurant l'eau de rose reléguée dans la transcendence?

And you are the same - just one of those pathetic flaring worms
Who are seeking the sense of this delirium titled - a life...
I will not tell you, that there's no omen
'Cause I would disconfirm the abysmal foolery, the totality of the nothingness
'Cause I would hallow the questionlessness...
The only way does exist - Your own revulsion...

...Ale najhorší nepriateľ, s ktorým sa môžeš stretnúť, budeš vždy sám sebe:
Sám na seba striehneš v jaskyniach a lesoch
Osamelý, kráĉaš cestou k sebe samému!
A mimo teba samého vedie tvoja casta I mimo tvojich siedmych diablov!
Kacírom buď si sám a bosorkou a veštcom a bláznom
A pochybovaĉom a nesvätým a zlosynom
Sám sa chci spáliť vo vlastnom svojom plameni: ako by si sa chcel obnoviť
As si predtým nezhorel na popol!
(F. nietzsche - tak riekol zarathustra)