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My God, The Evil Wind

This song is by Eternal Tears of Sorrow and appears on the album Sinner's Serenade (1997).

I travel across the sea
To the place where no-one's been
Storm clouds above me
Blue stream which knows me
Sailing towards the darklands
Ttales tell me there is a man
He's the evil betrayer
He will die by the hand of a sailor

It's night, I close my eyes
There's no-one here, my god is blind
Gone with the tide, highflying mind...

I'm standing on the sea shore
Palms full of black shallow water
A big stone behind me
A pagan statue is all I see
The statue carries a symbol
The symbol of my own god
I travelled so far
I did this all in vein

Salvation to come
God's order to be done?
That man who I can't win
He's my god, the evil wind