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This song is by Eternal Silence and appears on the EP Between The Unseen (2001).

Destiny's game
-Playing with me!

Craving for the unknown
-Longing in faith.
Impelled by endless nights,
Emptiness' edge.

A great silent sight
Versus my mind.

Reach for the pale stars

-Losing their splendour
To the rising moon.
A scenery of dreams.
Twinkling eves in the sky.
Dreary as I claim more!

Astral visions
-Staggering me!

Rumbling over the nexus
-Dark winds of gloom.
Yawning constellations,
Swallow my kismet.

Prophecies enthralling
My mind with cosmic views.
Illusions from reality.
Fascinating image!

Deep deference to the fate
Of my nemesis.
Given birth by the cold astars
Where destinies breed.

Cold and white
Eves in the sky,
See through me
-My destiny

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